Friday, February 02, 2007

Python, Creating program for event viewing

I am testing the product solidcore. During testing, we look at the logs to see what exactly happened in the application.
The log we observe is tomcat.log since the produce is using tomcat. The log can become huge (around 80 to 100 Mb).
I want an application which can display me this log file and refresh it every few seconds (since the log file may change every second).
The app should be really fast.
My brother and friend Justin suggested Python. So did a good office colleague of mine. I am going to read something more about Python and see what it can do.
From the experts
PyDev is a free Eclipse plug-in that transforms Eclipse into a powerful Python and Jython development environment.

Complete Install:

There is a 'complete install guide' at so, if you have any problems in the install, that's the place you should check (it also guides you through configuring pydev correctly).

This is the product I am working on (testing and QA).

It is a cool product!! about change configuration management.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Found John Carmack's blog

For those of you who dont know John Carmack, he is one of the greatest computer game programmers. He is also a great advocate of open source.

Joined second life

Congratulations, ManojTharayil Tammas!
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 (interesting site for various SQL queries for various DBs)
is there any tool/application/method by which we can download an entire website?
I am trying website puller from "".

The test would be : What tool could copy the website "" for me without charging me a dime?

Etiquetted in office

Random thoughts:
Etiquittes in office? Doesn't all offices have et's of their own?
Can i send my documents (important) to blogger?
How do i get back my blogs once it is published? How can I make a single document (sort of book) from my blogs?