Friday, October 11, 2013

How to avoid increasing and decreasing the volume of songs when you are listening to different music tracks.

If you are a music fan, you would have definitely faced an issue where some songs are too loud and when you decrease the volume...voila! The next song volume is too low.

How do you avoid the small (but really irritating) task of increasing and decreasing the volume?

Solution: Normalization to the rescue!

Right click on sound icon on the task bar.
Click "Playback devices".
Select "Speakers".
Right click on "Speakers" and click on "Properties".
You will see four tabs a. General b. Levels c. Enhancements d. Advanced
Click on "Enhancement" tab.
You will see four types of enhancements a. Bass Boost. b. Virtual surround c. Room correction d. Loudness Equalization.
Click on "Loudness Equalization" to select it.
Click on Ok.

You are done!! Now try playing two music files recorded at different amplitudes. You will find that both play at the same loudness. Problem solved!

Next question: You want to play these music files on a device (eg: mp3 player) which does not have the normalization feature available in Windows. How do you go about it?

Solution: Use the free utility "MP3Gain" to modify all your music files. Now you can play all your music files on any device at the same volume!!

Don't believe such an utility exists? Here is the screenshot for proof. In addition to being free, it is opensource as well. So now you can dig into the code and see how they coded the damn thing as well!