Saturday, June 21, 2008

Automation using selenium

I will provide the steps for automation testing as a series of tutorials.

The automation is going to be done using the selenium tool (free) and Netbeans IDE (free again)!


1. Download firefox browser, if you already don't have one.

2. Start firefox and go to the selenium website. Selenium is available as a plugin for firefox.

We need the "selenium ide" plugin. So we go here :

3. When the browser prompts you, say "open the file" and the plugin will get installed in your browser.

4. Alternatively, you could save the file to your desktop. Now drag and drop the file into the browser window. This will install the plugin into Firefox.

You should be able to access the plugin from the tools menu.

See the screenshot below.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Learning python - python411

The best site (free) that I have come across to learn python is "".

Justin (my brother) suggested this. It has many useful podcasts.
I like podcasts because they help me to easily retain the information I learned .

Learning becomes fun!!

I am going to learn python using this site.

The first tutorial I am going to try is

It is supposed to be very simple..
Will keep you posted on the same!!

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Free icons!!

Get your free (as in freedom) icons here.

I have checked them and they look really great!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trying to add Adsense to my blog

Nvidia drivers for OpenSuse

How To
How to install latest Nvidia driver for Suse 10.2

Dont search in google.
Dont follow the instructions in any google search result

Head over to ""
Also read ""

Speeding up video playback on xine

To speedup videoplayback, you should enable DMA.

> hdparm -d /dev/dvd
bash: hdparm: command not found

Googled it. First result, you have to be logged in as root.
Here goes.

guest@linux-7vgo:~> su
linux-7vgo:/home/guest #
linux-7vgo:/home/guest # bash: hdparm: command not found
bash: bash:: command not found

Now second result in google says " you have to login as root as -1".
Here goes..

linux-7vgo:/home/guest # su -l
linux-7vgo:~ # hdparm -d /dev/dvd

using_dma = 1 (on)


If it is off (0), we have to enable it.
sudo hdparm -d 1 $DVD_DEVICE

More links for developing firefox extensions

how to create firefox plugin

I use fire fox plugins and I like them very much.


1. selenium ide (Test automation tool)
2. Scribe (For posting blogs..this blog is being posted to blogger by scribe)
3. Gspace (converting your gmail to virtual hard disk...storing all your files online)
4. Down them all etc

So how to write one for myself.
Googled it.

Hey, I have coined a new word..googled (like countless millions already found out)

Here is the link I am reading now...