Saturday, June 14, 2008

Netbeans installed successfully

Netbeans was installed successfully!
Here is a screenshot.


First I installed netbeans by changing to root.
And this failed.
Suppose you are currently logged in as user1.
> su
> Now type the password.

You are "root".
Now if you run the Netbeans installer , it fails.

But if you dont do "su", then Netbeans gets installed successfully!!

Downloading of jdk complete..what next?

The jdk was downloaded as .bin
Running it as ./filename did not work.
Nor did just typing the filename.

Google gave the answer like this..
sh filename.bin

It worked!!

First the license agreement...

Pressed "Enter" a zillion times...:)

Now i type "yes" and press "Enter".

It worked!!

JDK was installed.

Java(TM) SE Development Kit 6 successfully installed.

JDK never asks the user where to install the Jdk.
It installs itself in the same directory where the jdk installer was run..
Just remember that!!!

Aim -> To install Netbeans 6.1 on Linux

Downloaded Netbeand 6.1 Linux version. My linux box is OpenSuse, by the way.

Installing it gave me the message.. It cannot find the jdk.

Checking that ..found it to be true.. the machine did not have jdk, only java runtime.

Going to the sun site

Ya, here it is.

Linux self-extracting file
jdk-6u6-linux-i586.bin 67.25 MB

Will take one hour approximately...
See you in one hour...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Extreme sports

I like doing these kinds of stuff ;)
Here is the photo...!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Learning ruby - Baby steps

Baby Steps...

First you must have an editor.
For practical reasons, I suggest Netbeans IDE 6.1
Go ahead and download it. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

First program -Hello world

puts displays output to the screen.

To print hello world: puts "Hellow world"
(Bold letters are source code).

The opposite of puts is gets.
value =gets()
It returns whatever the user has typed on the screen.

you can embed a variable inside a string like this.

print( 'What is your name: ' )
name = gets()
puts( "Hello #{name}" )

By the way, I tried "SciTE" - the default editor which comes with Ruby.
Good, but not great.
Then I tried Netbeans 6.1. It was amazing!!
1. Intelli sense -> you type a method, all methods are there in the pop-up, with descriptions and usage! A great tool to learn the language and get good at it!!
2. Auto completion -> You say "def" and type the function name and "end" is automatically typed and aligned for you by Netbeans. Three kisses to Netbeans!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New login created for irctc

New login "manoj????" was created.
each question mark is related to my Persistent office equipment.

The password is as usual.

IRCTC Railway ticket booking

This is a great site for booking your railway tickets.
Just create a login and book your tickets upto three months in advance.

You can book "tatkal" tickets as well.
Credit card is mandatory. Debit problems give some problems with this site.

Multiple Gmail ID's in gmail

How can you get multiple email id's from one gmail account?

Here is the scenario.

The product I test requires multiple users. Each user has to sign up first and the password is sent to his email account.
I have one gmail account. And I dont want to create 20 gmail accounts.
What should I do?

The solution was provided by Saurabh Seth ( and his brother).
Send the mail to "<username> +<junk value>

So example email addresses would be.. (assuming my email address is

3. etc....

Python for beginners

Hey, I have decided to study Python.

I will be continuing this as a series...

Typing in what I study each day. So watch the topics posted!

Python was created BY Guido van Rossum.

It is a general purpose lanague, very fast ( but not as much as C) and we can program it at a higher level of abstraction.
Python is easy to learn, easy to use and at the same time highly powerful.
Python is implemented in three flavours.

1. CPython (this is the "Standard" Python. It was developed first and is more stable than any other implementation).

2.JPython ( Python for java language - all functions of Python _+ all functions of Java is available. Requires the JVM)

3. Iron Python ( Python implementation for dot net developers. Supports .net functionality).

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mustard functions - Hypothetical interpreter for GUI Testing

Here are the functions of the hypothetical interpreter "Mustard'.



1. Login: Used for logging into a web page. The url of the web page should be stored in Url.txt. The X and Y co-ordinates of “username” text box should be stored after that.

An ideal url file (url.txt) would look as given below.


488 321

Work flow

Web page is opened with address https://ps2332/S3Control/index.jsp. In the login page, the point 488, 321 is clicked. This brings the cursor inside the “username” text box.

Now the username “A” is typed. TAB is pressed to go to “password” text box. Password “B” is typed. TAB is pressed to bring focus to “Login” button. The “Enter” key is pressed to login to the page.

Usage: Login A B

A= username

B= password

2. CLICK: The function is used for simulating mouse click on any point on the screen.

Usage: CLICK X Y

X= x co-ordinate of point to be clicked.

Y= y co-ordinate of point to be clicked.

3. TAB = Simulates pressing of TAB key.

4. SPACE = Simulates pressing of SPACE key.
5. ENTER = Simulates pressing of ENTER key.

6. TYPE = The function is used for simulating keystrokes from the keyboard.


The text “ABC” would be entered (say into a text box).

7. CHECK = Check if a window with specified caption contains the specified text

Usage: CHECK A B

Checks if a window with the caption “A” and text “B” exists. If the window exists, the test case is shown as passed (the name of the test case would be the test case in which the CHECK function is present) along with the date and time.

If the specified window does not exist, the test case is considered failed.

If a test case passes, an appropriate line is entered into “success.txt”.

If a test case fails, similar line is appended to “failure.txt”.

Note: Users of Winrunner may consider this similar to CHECKPOINT.

8. EXEC = Used for running an external program.

Usage: EXEC notepad.exe

This would run the notepad program.

9. DELAY= Used to make the automator wait for some time (in milliseconds)

Usage: DELAY X

X= Time in milliseconds.

10. TYPEFILE = Used to input multiple data items. This is used in conjunction with looping (BEGIN…END).

Type all data into a single text file. Each data entry should be separated by a new line.

Usage: TYPEFILE Users.txt

11. BEGIN= BEGIN is used along with END to simulate a loop.


BEGIN 4 --------------------------------------> Begin the loop here.




TYPEFILE Users.txt








TYPE changeme

CLICK 51 489 //click on save.


CHECK Add/Edit User


END ----------------------------------> End the loop here.

Tool for capturing and tracking requirements

I am looking for a free tool - good if it is opensource - great if it in python or java - the two languages i like best.

The tool should be able to capture requirements.
We should be able to track it as well.

I am imagining three checkboxes - 1) completed 2) Not done 3) In progress
and a text box called "Comments" against each of these requirements.