Exploring RedCritter - website for Agile project mangement

I found redcritter as one of the apps under microsoft webmatrix. Searching for this software revealed on its own terms "RedCritter Tracker is ideal for software projects or other projects that require a "what's next" type of approach. It works for multiple teams or even individuals. RedCritter Tracker is the only project management service with badges, rewards, leaderboards and real-time Twitter-style feeds" Webmatrix gives me an option to publish it from my local computer. The second option is to publish it from the cloud. The local setup The installation was a breeze. I am creating my first account. Email: manoj.tharayil@gmail.com Username in gmail. Uploading to an azure website, does not seem to be complicated. The azure website was created easily. http://manojagile.azurewebsites.net/ This software gives me rights to add only three users in the free version. This is nota good idea!! Time to move on to something else!!

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