Using git

In the current scenario of software development and testing, git has become a core component in many projects.
Being truly distributed and free, it is one of the best open source distributed version control systems.

Here are a few commonly used commands of git.

git status: Gives the current status.
C02VM0HWHTD8:Beepy manoj.tharayil$ git status
On branch 1712_Create_UI_tests_for_ledger_endpoint

git stash:  Saves all your changes so that you can work on a fresh ( current) copy which is in server.
C02VM0HWHTD8:Beepy manoj.tharayil$ git stash
Saved working directory and index state WIP on 1654_Create_api_tests_for_ledger_endpoint-review: 67635081 #1654: Review comment regarding formatting fixed.

IDE's have UI for committing and pushing your changes to git server.
But if you want to do it from command line, the command is given below.

git commit:
C02VM0HWHTD8:Beepy manoj.tharayil$ git commit
On branch 1712_Create_UI_tests_for_ledger_endpoint
nothing to commit, working tree clean


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