I worked on UI Automation using Cucumber, Java and Selenium in a company ( company name hidden due to confidentiality agreement). After creating the framework completely, when it was time to deploy to pipeline, I found we don't have devops team in the company. The devs were helping out by doing devops work in addition to their normal duties. They explained that they can help with C# code ( basically .Net core deployments into agents), but could not help maintaining agents which run JVM ( for Java code).

It was time to switch to C#. I found Specflow is a C# implementation of Cucumber and we need Visual Studio ( Professional at least) to continue the work. The management at the highest level were very supportive and they were willing to spend the money and give me all the support to rewrite the entire framework in C#.

It was time to make Automation a success in the company. And it was going to be more thrilling than any movie we can imagine with all the twists and turns.


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